Tag antibodies

Tag-antibodies are highly specific antibodies that recognize specific epitopes of fusion proteins constructed by recombinant techniques.

Researchers can construct fusion proteins containing target genes and epitope markers through DNA recombination technology, and then identify and purify them through specific labeled antibodies to meet the needs of research.

Catalog Product Reactivity Application Citations
BF0725 EYFP-Tag Ab All WB 0
T0001 C-Myc-Tag Ab All WB,IP,ELISA 3
T0002 E2-Tag Ab All WB,ELISA 0
T0003 Flag-Tag Ab All WB,IHC,IF/ICC,IP,ELISA 19
T0005 GFP-tag Ab All WB,IHC,IF/ICC,IP,ELISA 13
T0006 GFP-Tag pAb All WB,IF/ICC 4
T0007 GST-Tag Ab All WB,ELISA 6
T0008 HA-Tag Ab All WB,IF/ICC,IP,ELISA 13
T0009 His-Tag Ab All WB,IF/ICC,IP,ELISA 15
T0016 S-Tag Ab All WB,ELISA 0
T0050 HA-Tag pAb All WB,IP,CoIP 9
T0051 His-Tag pAb All WB 7
T0052 C-MYC-tag Ab All WB,IF/ICC 2
T0053 Flag-Tag Ab All WB,IF/ICC,IP 2
T0054 V5 tag Ab All WB 0
T0057 V5 tag Ab All WB 0
T0090 mCherry-Tag Ab All WB,IF/ICC,ELISA 4