Custom phospho antibody

2017-12-22  |  FiFi

Affinity-Purified phospho-specific polyclonal antibody production $2500/ project(From Peptide Synthesis to ELISA titer assay)

Polyclonal phospho-specific Antibody Development Schedules



I. Peptide synthesis
1. Phosphospecific peptide synthesis (up to 15 amino acids)--10 mg used for phosphospecific epitope affinity purification, 10 mg used for antibody production, and 10 mg delivered to client
2. 10 mg non-phosphospecific peptide (up to 15 amino acids)used for affinity purification.

2 week

II. Conjugation
Conjugation of 10 mg phosphopeptide (using Cysteine) to KLH and BSA(for pep-elisa), 5mg non-phosphopeptide(for pep-elisa).

1 week

III. Immunization and anti-sera production
Eight-week protocol to produce antibodies in 2 rabbits.
Pre-immune 5 ml/per rabbit and total final bleeds from two rabbits (50 ml antiserum) will be provided to client.


8 weeks

.Peptide affinity purification and ELISA test.

Separating the phosphorylated antibodies from the non-phosphorylated

antibodies is performed by immuno-affinity purification, using two columns ,which does not cross-react with non-phosphospecific peptides

(confirmed by ELISA)






2 weeks


13 weeks ($2500)


All the products of this project shall become the exclusive property of the client at the conclusion of the project.Full confidentiality is guaranteed
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