AFfirm™ mAb

AFfirm antibodies are mouse monoclonal antibodies developed by Affinity™ with independent patents, new production process, higher antibody specificity and excellent stability between batches.

Catalog Product SourceClonalityClone Number Reactivity Application Citations
BF8084 PGRMC1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8084 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8085 Prohibitin mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8085 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8086 RanBP1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8086 Human,Mouse WB 0
BF8087 FMR1NB mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8087 Human,Mouse WB 0
BF8088 FN3K mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8088 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8089 MRPL2 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8089 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8090 ZNF600 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8090 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8091 OR3A4 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8091 Human,Mouse ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8092 Olfactory receptor 2A42 Ab MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8092 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8093 OR4C46 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8093 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8094 Glutamine Synthetase mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8094 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8095 LRRC42 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8095 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8096 CDH12 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8096 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8097 ABHD3 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8097 Human,Mouse ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8098 BCL7B mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8098 Human,Mouse ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8099 CCDC131 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8099 Human,Mouse ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8100 LGR5 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8100 Human,Mouse ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8101 UGT1A4 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8101 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8102 DYNLT1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8102 Human ELISA(peptide) 0
BF8103 EEF1A2 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8103 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA(peptide) 0