AFfirm™ mAb

AFfirm antibodies are mouse monoclonal antibodies developed by Affinity™ with independent patents, new production process, higher antibody specificity and excellent stability between batches.
Why AFfirm™ mAb from Affinity?

Catalog Product SourceClonalityClone Number Reactivity Application Citations
BF8043 AFfirm™ Glucagon mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8043 Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8044 AFfirm™ Galectin 3 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8044 Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 0
BF8046 AFfirm™ MAGE 1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8046 Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 0
BF8047 AFfirm™ Estrogen Receptor-alpha Ab MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8047 Human,Mouse WB,IHC 0
BF8048 AFfirm™ TLS/FUS mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8048 Human,Mouse WB,IHC 0
BF8049 AFfirm™ CTCF mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8049 Mouse WB,IHC 0
BF8050 AFfirm™ Laminin 2 alpha mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8050 Human,Mouse,Rat IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8051 AFfirm™ ALDOA mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8051 Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8052 AFfirm™ YTHDF1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8052 Mouse WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8053 AFfirm™ ANO9 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8053 Human WB,IHC 0
BF8054 AFfirm™ hnRNP A1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8054 Human,Mouse WB,IHC 0
BF8055 AFfirm™ TRIM59 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8055 Mouse WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8056 AFfirm™ ATPG mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8056 Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8057 AFfirm™ Zyxin mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8057 Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 0
BF8058 AFfirm™ ACVL1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8058 Mouse WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
BF8059 AFfirm™ CYP19A1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8059 Human WB 0
BF8060 AFfirm™ COX6C mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8060 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8061 AFfirm™ AKR1CL2 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8061 Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8062 AFfirm™ MRPL11 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8062 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8063 AFfirm™ ELAVL1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8063 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0