AFfirm™ mAb

AFfirm antibodies are mouse monoclonal antibodies developed by Affinity™ with independent patents, new production process, higher antibody specificity and excellent stability between batches.

Catalog Product SourceClonalityClone Number Reactivity Application Citations
BF8064 LAMB2 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8064 Human,Mouse,Rat IHC 0
BF8065 AGTR1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8065 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8066 PTHR1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8066 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8067 HCRTR1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8067 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8068 ATP5A1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8068 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8069 VWF mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8069 Human,Mouse,Rat IHC 0
BF8070 ABHD8 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8070 Human,Mouse WB 0
BF8071 HP mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8071 Human WB 0
BF8072 OLR1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8072 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8073 CCNK mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8073 Human,Mouse WB 0
BF8074 ACTR3 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8074 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8075 CD46 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8075 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8076 RNF2 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8076 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8077 FOXA1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8077 Human WB 0
BF8078 CYP1B1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8078 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8079 Factor B/CFB mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8079 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8080 SULT1A1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8080 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8081 TRPV3 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8081 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 1
BF8082 AIFM1 mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8082 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
BF8083 Zyxin mAb MouseMonoclonalAFfirm8083 Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0