Phospho antibodies - Custom Phospho Specific Antibody

Phosphorylation is the addition of phosphate groups to proteins. Phosphate groups attach to a serine, threonine, or tyrosine residue via a kinase mediated reaction. Phosphorylations are important for activation of various pathways.

Phosphospecific antibodies are affinity-purified rabbit polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies that are monospecific for a target protein that is phosphorylated. These antibodies provide critical insight into the investigation of complex signal transductions events.

Catalog Product Reactivity Application Citations
DF2980 P-DRP1 (Ser637) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 7
DF2983 P-Beclin 1 (Ser93/Ser96) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB 0
DF2984 P-alpha 1 Catenin (Ser655/Thr658) Ab Human,Mouse WB 0
DF2985 P-SQSTM1/p62 (Ser403) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB 5
DF2986 P-SAMHD1 (Thr592) Ab Human,Mouse WB 0
DF2988 P-ATR (Ser428) Ab Human WB 0
DF2989 P-beta Catenin (Ser33/Ser37/Thr41) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IF/ICC 10
DF2990 P-PPP1CA (Thr320) Ab Human WB 0
DF2992 P-p57 Kip2 (Thr310) Ab Human WB,IF/ICC 0
DF2994 P-LRP6 (Ser1490) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB 1
DF2996 P-FADD (Ser194) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
DF2998 P-ACK1 (Tyr857/Tyr858)[Tyr859/Tyr860] Ab Human WB,IF/ICC 0
DF2999 P-IP3 Receptor (Ser1756) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IF/ICC 1
DF7512 P-ATR (Ser428) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 2
DF7519 P-Nrf2 (Ser40) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 18
DF7567 P-IRAK4 (Thr345/Ser346) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 1
DF7573 P-PKC epsilon (Ser729) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 0
DF7576 P-PERK (Thr982) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 88
DF7578 P-Doublecortin (Ser335) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 0
DF7587 P-ULK1 (Ser556) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC 1