Phospho antibodies

Phosphorylation is the addition of phosphate groups to proteins. Phosphate groups attach to a serine, threonine, or tyrosine residue via a kinase mediated reaction. Phosphorylations are important for activation of various pathways.

Phosphospecific antibodies are affinity-purified rabbit polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies that are monospecific for a target protein that is phosphorylated. These antibodies provide critical insight into the investigation of complex signal transductions events.

Catalog Product Reactivity Application Citations
AF8609 P-HPD (Thr382) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8610 P-PFKP (Tyr52) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8611 P-PRPS1 (Ser180) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8612 P-ketohexokinase (Ser80) Ab-Isoform A Human,Mouse WB,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8613 P-EZH2 (Ser475) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8614 P-DEPDC5 (Ser1002) Ab Human WB,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8615 P-BCLAF1 (Ser512) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8617 P-DEPDC5 (Ser1530) Ab Human WB,ELISA(peptide) 0
AF8618 P-MLC2 (Ser15) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC 8
DF2944 P-Cdk1/2 (Thr14) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,ELISA(peptide) 1
DF2945 P-eIF4E (Ser209) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2946 P-Histone H1.3 (Thr18) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2947 P-HSF1 (Ser326) Ab Human,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2948 P-PAK1/2/3 (Ser144+Ser141+Ser139) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2949 P-RSK1 p90 (Thr359+Ser363) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2950 P-Smad5 (Ser463/Ser465) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IHC,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2969 P-EGFR (Tyr1068) Ab Human,Mouse,Rat WB,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2972 P-DRP1 (Ser616) Ab Human,Mouse WB,ELISA(peptide) 1
DF2973 P-EGFR (Tyr998) Ab Human,Mouse WB,IF/ICC,ELISA(peptide) 0
DF2974 P-EPHA2 (Tyr772) Ab Human WB,ELISA(peptide) 0