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AF0115 MicroRNA-181a regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition by targeting PTEN in drug-resistant lung a... Int J Oncol 26323677 VIEW
AF0083 Inhibitors of PARP-1 exert inhibitory effects on the biological characteristics of hepatocellular ca... Mol Med Rep 28498459 VIEW
AF0083 Angelicin inhibits liver cancer growth in vitro and in vivo Mol Med Rep 28849216 VIEW
AF0083 Olaquindox disrupts tight junction integrity and cytoskeleton architecture in mouse Sertoli cells Oncotarget 29179463 VIEW
AF0096 Beneficial effects of renal denervation on cardiac angiogenesis in rats with prolonged pressure over... Acta Physiol (Oxf) 27575955 VIEW
AF0096 Effects of oligomeric grape seed proanthocyanidins on L-NAME-induced hypertension in pregnant mice: ... Phytother Res 29851183 VIEW
AF0096 Cardioprotective Effects of QiShenYiQi Dripping Pills on Transverse Aortic Constriction-Induced Hear... Front Physiol 29666587 VIEW
AF0096 Effects of Xin-Ji-Er-Kang on heart failure induced by myocardial infarction: Role of inflammation, o... Phytomedicine 29655692 VIEW
AF0096 SIRT1 inhibits TGF-β-induced endothelial-mesenchymal transition in human endothelial cells with Smad... J Cell Physiol 29856490 VIEW
AF0096 SIRT1 inhibits TGF‐β‐induced endothelial‐mesenchymal transition in human endothelial cells with Smad... VIEW
AF0030 IGFBP-rP1 acts as a potential tumor suppressor via the suppression of ERK signaling pathway in endom... Mol Med Rep 29067463 VIEW
AF0120 Olmesartan Prevents Microalbuminuria in db/db Diabetic Mice Through Inhibition of Angiotensin II/p38... Kidney Blood Press Res 27871084 VIEW
AF0120 Iridoid glycoside from Cornus officinalis ameliorated diabetes mellitus-induced testicular damage in... J Ethnopharmacol 27989876 VIEW
AF0120 Fucoxanthin Activates Apoptosis via Inhibition of PI3K/Akt/mTOR Pathway and Suppresses Invasion and ... Neurochem Res 27394418 VIEW
AF0120 PirB Overexpression Exacerbates Neuronal Apoptosis by Inhibiting TrkB and mTOR Phosphorylation After... Cell Mol Neurobiol 27443384 VIEW
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