Our skilled and experienced team of chemists can provide custom synthesis of almost any organic compound. We offer different fluorescent dyes and the preparation of intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and derivatives of lead compounds. All compounds produced in our facility are made to order in scales ranging from milligram to multi-gram quantities.

All custom synthesis requests that we receive are to determine whether we wish to pursue the project. This process usually takes no longer than 48 hours. 

The customer shall provide us with known literature methods and/or their own existing synthetic route in which all experimental details (reaction times, temperatures, solvents and concentrations, work-up procedures, purification methods, yields, and analytical data) are described. The more information you provide us with, the shorter the turnaround time and the more competitive price of the project will be. 

How to get started

Please contact us (support@affbiotech.com) with your requests and we will supply you with a detailed quote as soon as possible. This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. The quote will include an estimated price as well as the time required to complete the project. All inquires and subsequent projects are handled in the strictest confidence and will be backed up by secrecy agreements if required. 

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